Friday, October 30, 2009

happy halloween

My dear friend Mary Grace and I have taken on our blogging adventures together to ensure that we would at least have one reader, you can check her out at While she seems to be an old pro I'm still working out the kinks and trying to figure out how to post a picture. As new kids on the block we've decided to have Top Five Fridays and Must Have Mondays. So with Halloween being tomorrow our first Top Five Friday will be our Top Five Halloween memories. Since most of my memories will come from the same Halloween I should probably give you a brief history. My sophmore year of college I lived with 3 girls (Mary Grace, Claire and Virginia) in an apartment complex. Our apartment number was 1312 and to this day we still refer to that number when talking about sophmore year. Anyways that Halloween was chalk full of fun memories, shoot I could probably have all of my top 5 be from that year but I'll try to mix it up a bit.

1. Buring Ghostie. Ghostie was a kitchy little Halloween doll that played the Adams Family theme song and danced when you pressed his hand. He served as fun Halloween decor for a short period of time until one night my roommates and our neighbors decided to set his head on fire (I promise we're not violent people). We all gathered in the breezeway of our apartment and tried to start a fire with lighters. After multiple failed attempts my roommate Virginia announced that she had fluid. Wait, what? Why does Virginia have lighter fluid? I honestly couldn't tell you, but it definitely did the trick. We had a huge flame going once we doused ghostie in lighter fluid. I even think we had Ben Harper's "Burn One Down" playing in the background. And there's footage of this somewhere out there that I would love to get my hands on. For now all I have are the memories

2. David Moser. Where to begin? I'll try to get this right, but some of the details remain fuzzy. David Moser was convicted of raping a girl in Ohio and in October '04 he was being transported from a jail in Ohio to one in Florida. While in transit the people transporting Moser stopped in Oxford, MS, which to this day seems odd. Oxford is 20+ minutes away from any major highways so why they stopped there is still questionable. Anyways, as I remember it the people transporting Moser stopped at Wendys and Moser was able to escape at this time. As the story goes he remained in the trees behind Wendys for 48 hours. However, during that 48 hour block there were rumors and apparent sightings of Moser all over Oxford, including my apartment complex. The night that Moser escaped my friend Jaclyn called to let me know that he had been spotted in Campus Creek Apartments. As she's telling me this someone starts pounding on the door. My heart sank. We rush to the door and look through the peep hole, but our visitor has covered the hole with his hand (OMG). We then hear knocking coming from the balcony. We rush over to the balcony to find that MG's creepy boyfriend (they're not dating anymore), who happens to bear a striking resemblence to Moser is standing on the balcony. REALLY?!? So once we were all able to calm down we decided to all sleep in the living room and watch scary movies...probably not the best idea, but so much fun! And after all that we find out Moser was never roaming around Oxford, he had stayed put behind those trees in Wendys.

3. Tinkerbelle. My first Halloween as Tinkerbelle was when I was six years old. I fit the bill quite well, I was blonde, tiny...I guess that's it. I was in Mrs. Drew's first grade class and that year we had a Halloween fesitval where all the students dressed up and showed off their costumes on the playground. Little did I know 13 years later I would be putting on my fairy wings once again. Sure enough I was Tinkerbelle for 1312 Halloween. I pieced together my own costume and had all the details down even to the white balls on my shoes (I had green heels and used white feather boa clippings to make them a bit sassier). I even bought my own fairy dust that I poured on everyone I came in contact with. I'm sure there were a lot of sparkly sheets that night. As I returned home I poured the remainig "dust" all over the breezeway of my apartment. I think there were still sparkles left spring of the following year.

4. Hizapite Hizolloweeniezie. Say what?!? So my sophomore year I took it upon my self to implement IZMs (as in "fosheezie my neezie") back into our everday vocabulary. Well my sweet friend Virginia couldn't quite get the IZMs down. I woke up Halloween morning to find "Hizapite Hizolloween" written on the white board on our fridge. At first I couldn't make out what she was trying to say, then it clicked, awww, "Happy Halloween." Bless her, five years later we're still laughing about that.

5. I guess my last memory isn't really a specific one, which I know is cheating. But I'm trying to spare you from another 1312 Halloween memory (because believe me I have more). Growing up I always had amazing costumes. I never had to wear the store bought costumes because my creative mother made all my costumes. I wish I could somehow post all the pictures from Halloween's past because I really did have some great costumes, but I guess I'll just have to walk you down memory lane and let you imagine them for yourself. I'm tyring to rack my brain here...I've been a bumble bee, princess, Minnie Mouse, Snow White, a mermaid, statue of liberty and a present...just to name a few.

I hope you've enjoyed walking down memory lane with me. Hoping that you can make some memories of your own this Halloween. Happy Haunting!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

it's miley!

The first time I heard "See You Again" by Miley Cyrus I couldn't believe I had gone through one verse and someone still hadn't changed the station. My friend Emily and I were headed to dinner and she was clearly enjoying the song. Not only was she bobbing her head back and forth but she knew all the lyrics. I demanded that she change the station, but she refused. I suffered through round one. Little did I know that round two would come only hours later. On our way home, sure enough "See You Again" came back on and I found myself enjoying it. Now you must know I couldn't stand Miley Cyrus at this point. Perhaps it was jealousy, perhaps it was my conservative self thinking she acted entirely too old for her age...I honestly saw a Britney Spears trainwreck in the making (I still do). But as I said, I couldn't help but to indulge in the bubble gum pop that was pouring from the speakers. That night I found myself paying $1.07 for a Miley Cyrus song (cringes). As I do with most songs I played "See You Again" to the ground, and it soon lost its newness.

I found myself in the same predicament in August of this year. On my way home from work I heard "Party in the USA" for the first time, and this time I couldn't resist it like I had "See You Again." I turned up the volume and was hooked. Thanks to XM I knew the artist and title. I immediately ran home to download the song but was foiled...the song hadn't been release yet, thanks limewire (maybe that's why my computer crashed...but that's for another post). I think I must of listened to that song 10 times that night and immediately burned a CD so I could listen to my new find on the way to work the next morning. Now I pride myself I liking good music so I often like to keep my pop music indulgences on the DL. Unfortunately, I've been outted both by my own doing and by a co-worker's keen ears.

So just a week ago I'm jamming to Miley on the iPod at work and sure enough my wall cube mate, John sends me an email that said something along the lines of "Is that you that I playing my song...yayaya." OMG, I about died, John could hear every word. Not only that but he knew how obsessed I was with this song. Upon receiving the email, the earbuds came out and I asked John "You could hear that," in which he responded "You play it all the time." Suffice it to say all credibility with John has been lost. I'm 24 years old and I'm listening to Miley Cyrus at work...really?!?

So after being called out by John, I called myself out during bible study. I went to a bible study for the first time last week. So in a series of get to know you questions I was asked, "If you were to turn on your iPod right now what song would be playing?" My friend whispered Justin Bieber in my ear (because yes I listen to him too) and I decided to up the anty and say Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA." Again, I've been outted and again all credibility has been lost.

So yes world, I listen to Miley Cyrus and I know you do too. So I ask you to go into your rooms tonight and blast your favorite bubble gum pop song and just's an instant mood boaster! Happy dancing!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

this is me now

So here it is, I find myself blogging. Hmm...I tend to have negative connotations with blogging. First thought that comes to mind are punk emo kids holed up in their poorly lit rooms pouring out their emotions with every key stroke as dashboard plays in the background. I mean how self centered can you be to think that people in the cyberworld actually want to listen to why your parents are so terrible? You're 16, believe me it's not that bad! But those were the blogs of blogs are super trendy, perez hilton...hello! Anyways, I never thought I'd see the day where I'd be pouring out my emotions with every key stroke, but here I am. Not only do I find myself on here but I find myself with a super lame blog name "this is me now." So to all those cyber kids out there...suggestions for blog names are welcome.