Friday, March 5, 2010

reason #967 why i'm not domestic

It's no surprise that I'm not the most domestic person. I don't cook, clean, decorate, and the list goes on and on. A few months ago I started to tap into my domestic self and have found that I love baking and I'm hoping it segues into further developing my culinary skills. And now that I've moved out I've taken a bigger interest in decorating the new digs. Today's project involved painting and reupholstering a cute little bench, seems simple enough, right? Well, just like most of my baking misadventures (you can read about a recent one here) the simple renovation project resulted in an injured finger and bloody fabric.

It all began with this simple bench, another hand me down from Mama Bear. You may see a trend here, well at least from the last post. A few years ago my mom went through what I like to call her "goth phase." Essentially every piece of white furniture in our home was painted black, which I was fine with at the time (I wasn't a big fan) but it's now proving to be a bit of a nuisance having to repaint all this furniture knowing it was once white...I guess it's all part of the renovating process, right?

Here's the bench. I didn't snap a picture before...this was taken while sanding.

Here's the upholstered seat...more black.

You can see the white peaking through, why mom, why?!?

The painting went off without a hitch, it was not until I started reupholstering when things started to get ugly. I should probably mention the bar stools I redid a few weeks ago were reupholstered by my mom so the bench was my first upholstering project. I started stapling the cushion and no staples were coming out. I did a few shots in the air and saw staples fly out, but again when I took the stapler to the cushion nothing came out. I fooled with it some more and sure enough I stapled my finger...ouch! I quickly found out that the stapler I was working with was a bit unusual, the staples come out from the back of the stapler, rather than at the head (if that makes any sense). Either way, I was shocked to look down and find a staple sticking out of my finger. Once I removed the staple I went searching for band aids, no luck, I had to wrap my hand in a napkin. After a few minutes it looked like the bleeding had stopped so I removed the napkin, I continued upholstered and then swiped my hand across the fabric, clearly it was still bleeding...

Once I realized I was still bleeding I fashioned a band aid out of a napkin and packing tape..worked like a charm. Once the bandage was on I continued along with upholstering the cushion, luckily I had bought extra fabric. Once the bench was dried it was ready for the cushion. Behold my precious new bench...totally worth the battle wound.

Love the sweet toile!


  1. The bench is adorable and that toile is so cute!
    Hope your finger is better soon:)