Sunday, June 27, 2010

louie turns one

As most of you know I have a great memory for dates, I remember birthdays, major events, anniversaries, etc, etc.  Well this time last year I bit the bullet and bought myself the monogrammed Louis Vuitton "speedy 30" handbag.  A year prior to that I had been looking for the perfect purse to wear with everything.  I had grown sick of wearing one purse for a few months until it wore out and I was forced to find another.  I had started eyeing the Louis Vuittion purse around Christmas 2008 but there was no way I could make the big purchase, I wasn't even employed full time at that point.  After doing my research and saving a few extra bucks, not to mention finding a job I made the big purchase last summer.  Had I had the blog at the time I definitely would have blogged about this momentous occasion, lucky for my readers I have one now so I can blog about "his" birthday ;).  Even a year later I absolutely love my bag and the money I doled out has been well worth it!

Sporting the new Louie

Saturday, June 12, 2010

losing myself in lost

The day after the epic series finale of Lost, I felt compelled to find out what at happened to the survivors of Oceanic flight 815. Perhaps it was my friend Mary Grace's tweet about the characters being stuck in purgatory or Marjorie's confusion over what I had actually happened, apparently she herself was still "lost" or confused as to what had happened to the survivors. Whatever it was I felt the need to figure it out for myself. During my lunch break I scoured the Internet trying to find out what had happened on that island. Just as Marjorie had said, there was no clear answer. No one could tell me if the survivors were in fact dead or alive. That night I took it upon myself to draw my own conclusions. I decided I would watch the first episode and see if I was hooked...turned out I was. For the past three weeks I've become enraptured with this show. This was a big step for me. During the shows six year run I constantly knocked it and told anyone that told me to watch that I didn't understand the appeal. I insisted that by now, they would have either been rescued or dead, little did I know that there were so many twists and turns on this captivating show. I am nearing the end of season two and look forward to what's to come, hopefully I will feel satisfied with the conclusion and watching the show will have been worth it.

Monday, June 7, 2010

mama knows

For the last year I've developed a close relationship with three of my female coworkers, Marjorie, Carla and Teresa.  When you spend what seems like half your life at work it's easy to become close with people.  Marjorie, Carla and Teresa have become like mothers to me, so much so that I refer to them as "mama" from time to time.  I'm fairly certain that I would be a mess at work if it weren't for them.  Teresa always has utensils and every drug imaginable on hand, while Marjorie provides me with snacks and floss for my post lunch cleaning. And Carla always seems to have just enough change to afford me a Diet Coke or bag of M&M's when I'm starting to lose steam in the afternoon.  It's been an interesting and difficult year for me and when you work ten hour days it can be difficult to hide your emotions for the entire time, these sweet women have been through it all with me.  I've been able to tell them all my boy, friend issues and all the other drama girls have to go through and they're always there to listen and provide me a Kleenex if need be.  Thought I would give a quick shout out to these fabulous women and let them know just how grateful I am for each of them!  

My "Mama's" (from left to right): Teresa, Marjorie and Carla

Thursday, June 3, 2010

yummy, yummy goodness

For a little over a year now I've had the perfect work schedule.  I work four ten hour days and get every Friday off, yes I've grown accustomed to having a three day weekend.  Close to two months ago my company gave me the devastating news that we would be going back to a normal 5x8, Monday through Friday work schedule...heartbreaking.  My new work schedule started this week.  I'm not gonna lie it's been great getting off at three every day.  I'm now able to work out, lounge, read, run errands and the list goes on, but now comes the devastating part.  Rather than lounging and relaxing on a Thursday night, I now have to get myself ready for another work day.  As a way to err, celebrate or rather help us ease into our schedule my co-workers and I have decided to have a breakfast potluck.  I jumped at the opportunity to make yummy Bottle Tree Bakery blueberry muffins, they're to die for.  Be sure to check out the recipe here.  While baking I even got an opportunity to wear my cute new apron from Claire, check me out modeling the new apron in Cabo.  Hope everyone enjoys my muffins as much as I do and I guess if they don't, there will be more left over for me :) Bon appetit!