Friday, October 15, 2010

a place to rest my feet

I moved into my first house during my senior year of college (4 years ago, my how the time flies).  After years of communal living I was so ready for a "home" life.  I was looking forward to decorating and being able to make the place my own, well mine and my roommates ;).   I quickly learned how expensive furniture was so my new place became more of hodgepodge of what me and my friends could get from home.  For some reason I had the idea of using a chest as a coffee table.  In my mind I imagined a red, distressed chest adorned with a full bouquet of sunflowers.  Unfortunately I never found the right piece and I have been longing for a chest coffee table for the last four years.

A couple of week ago I made a pit stop at my favorite furniture store and saw a chest.  Mind you I've been going to this place for the last year or so and I've gotten a few pieces here and there.  I had seen a trunk on the website and asked her to keep an eye out for me and let me know when she found one.  One year later I was writing a check for my trunk, yay!  She had painted the chest white but since most of my furniture is turquoise, I asked her if she could paint and distress the chest turquoise, turns out for an additional fee of $10 I could have the chest painted any color I wanted.

The chest made it home today and I absolutely love it, it's perfect and it looks like what I've been envisioning for the last four years.  Behold my new coffee table...

In honor of the fall season (my favorite mind you) I decided to do an autumnal arrangement in the corner of the chest.  Here's an up close picture of the arrangement.  The picture is of me and my roommates from our sophomore year of college, we had a full force photo shoot at the pumpkin patch (and don't worry, we also sent out Christmas cards using the picture below).  I found this picture a few weeks ago and put it on my fridge, the flowers and pumpkin needed one more touch so I figured this picture would be the perfect finishing touch.

While I was snapping pictures I thought I'd take a picture of the living room for you all to see.  Now you can envision where I'm blogging from, feet propped up and all!

Hope you're all having a great weekend!


  1. Awww, love that picture! Your coffee table and apartment are ADORABLE and so, so "you". Love you buddy!

  2. love your new coffee table!!! your place looks so cute! and I agree with gracie, I LOVE that pic of all of us. we were such babies!