Friday, December 10, 2010


For the last two years I've sent out a picture of my sweet pup, Ellie, with my Christmas cards.  I wanted to get my cards out this weekend, so time was of the essence...I needed to get a picture of Ellie, stat!  Mind you, I tried to get a picture of us on Thanksgiving and mom was too busy to take the picture.  Anywho, I picked up Ellie and attempted to have a quick photo shoot, let's just say things went south quick.  Ellie was not having it and was fidgety during the entire shoot.  Here's what I had to deal with....

Ellie is hating life

We were able to get a few shots, even though she wasn't looking into the camera for any of them.  I think my favorite may be the kissy picture.

The picture below is fairly decent of me and Ellie looks so sweet...looks can be deceiving ;).  Since I didn't love any of the pictures, I decided to scrap the idea altogether, so I thought I'd show you some of our outtakes.  Here's to hoping things go better next year.


  1. Ya'll are adorable!!! Give Ellie a kiss from me:)

  2. ugh! i love these.... tell ellie hey!