Sunday, June 5, 2011

the wishlist

Hello blogosphere!  The last few months have been crazy busy so I've taken an unplanned leave of absence from the blogosphere.  A lot of wonderful things have happened in the last few months including turning 26 back in April.  I got to spend my BIG day in the windy city with my bestie, Jill, click here to read all about our fun trip!  As some of you know my 25th birthday wasn't the best, I think most it had to do with my fear of turning 25.  But now that 25 is behind me, 26 ain't nothing but a number.  And more importantly my 26th year is proving to be far better than my 25th, maybe aging has some perks.  Other benefits of birthdays are presents of course!  I got some great gifts from friends and family, including a few items from my wish list (see right).  My sweet friend Jill got me my first piece from the Fleur de Lys dinnerware set, I felt like a bride getting her first piece of china (or what I imagine a bride feels like when she gets her first piece of china ;) ), check out my adorable sugar pot.

My sweet friend Mary Grace also took note and got these turquoise latte bowls from my wish list.  I absolutely love them and they match the decor of my home perfectly.

Thank you to all my amazing friends and family for making me feel so special on my birthday, I am so blessed to have each of you in my life!